FAQ for Zorb Football

Does Krashball.com provide the venue?

Unfortunately we do not provide venues but we can give you a list of places and contacts that we have been before.

How early does a Krashball employee show up at the event?

We usually arrive around one hour prior to start time to inflate the balls and set up the field.

Does Krashball assume liability if I get hurt?

No, Krashball.com does not assume liability for injuries. Before you can put on a Krashball you must sign our release of liability forms.

Am I able to hire Krashballs for longer than 2 hours?

Yes, but please contact us directly before ordering for a new price plan.

Is it required to have a member of Krashball at the event?

Yes, a member of Krashball.com will have to be at the event for safety purposes.

What do we wear to play krashball?

Wear what you think is comfortable. Please only bring trainers (no boots) and remember to take everything out of your pockets before playing.

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