What is Krashball?

Zorb Football, often called Bubble Football, is literally the new sporting craze that is sweeping the world. Introduced this year, Krashball will be working to be the leader in bubble football hire worldwide. We will work with large events, birthday parties, Stag Do’s, Hen Do’s, Church Events, Business Parties, or just a get together with friends at the park.


What we provide

Krashball brings the game where you want it. We will normally set up 30 minutes prior to start time by getting the field ready and blowing up the Krashballs. Once the start time hits, we will provide you with a safety demonstration and then you have the Krashballs to do whatever you like.

All participants are required to sign a liability waiver and recieve a safety demonstration before entering the Krashball.

At the end of the scheduled time, we will take a group picture.

My aspiration is to make your event so special that you will remember it for a lifetime!

-Sean, Founder

Games we can play

Zorb Football (Soccer)

This is our most popular game. It is the same concept of traditional football except the rules are a bit different. You think you know this game going in to it from your past experience but don’t let it fool you. Putting a Zorb on completely changes the gameplay and strategy of football (soccer) as you knew it. There are no offsides penalties, yellow or red cards,  and you are cleared to Krash your opponents and sometimes accidentally your own teammates.

This type of football requires no specialized skills and is for everyone to enjoy!

Both teams will not have a goalie and have a 4v4 5v5 or 6v6 game on an indoor court or outdoor pitch(field). Games are traditionally played for 3 periods of 10 minutes each. You don’t event have to be in a zorb to enjoy this game, half the fun is watching.

Last Man Standing

In this game there are no teams, every man for themselves. All participates gather around the circle in the middle of the pitch(field). On the whistle, players will start Krashing each other. If your Zorb touches the ground you are eliminated and are required to stay outside of the circle for the remainder of that game. Last Man Standing Wins!

Last Team Standing

This game is similar to Last Man Standing but its a team version. The goal is to Krash the other team and knock them to the ground before they knock the opposing team. Once a players Krashball touches the ground, that player is eliminated and can no longer interfere with the game. The team with the last standing player wins with respective points offered if more than one person is standing for the winning team.

Sumo Wrestling

Players will be separated into their respective teams. There will be two Sumo Wrestling rings made into a circle with cones. Each participant will be randomly selected to face off against another random teammate. The Krashballs will be touching and the whistle will be blown at the start of the match. The objective is to knock the other participant out of the ring. Once theres one remaining winner on both teams they will face each other in the final round.

King’s Krash (Capture the Flag)

Players will be separated into teams. Each team must select a King and must be clearly identifiable with a provided crown. The object of the game is to knock down the other teams King before their King is knocked down. All players except the King can be knocked down and get back up without being eliminated. Teams will be allowed time before the game to develop a strategy.

Krashball Ten-Pin Bowling

6 members of a team line up in a triangle while an opponent of the opposite team starts running at them at a predetermined point. Each player the runner knocks down is a point. Every player will get three attempts of bowling and the points will be added and the team with the most points wins.

This game is only available with The Elite 12 Package.

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